Swedish Wedding Traditions

There are multiple Swedish wedding traditions that can be incorporated into your wedding celebration to represent your Swedish heritage. The following summary provides someSwedish wedding information you can incorporate into your wedding to represent Swedish wedding customs.


It is customary to include flowers in many different ways in a Swedish-themed wedding reception. Many brides wear a floral bridal crown, as opposed to tiaras. Flower girls wear flower crowns in their hair, along with traditional Swedish folk costume dresses. Oftentimes couples in Sweden would include tissue flowers with real flowers to enhance the presentation of the decorations. Many people pick flowers from their area of the country and create their own decorative pieces with them, in the classic Swedish folk style. For many Swedish celebrations arches are used made out of birch wood or flowers.

Swedish Smörgåsbord

A traditional smörgåsbord is a buffet of Scandinavian food. The smörgåsbord can consist of cheeses and crackers, local fish, spreads, breads, boiled potatoes, and eggs.


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